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Newborn Care ENGLISH Courses

Everything you need to know to safely and confidently care for you newborn baby.
Duration: 1h 20min.

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  • 9 Lesson(s)
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About the instructor

Deanna Mason Proactive Parenting Courses

Dr. Deanna Marie Mason PhD

More than 20 years clinical experience helping families:

  • Board Certified Paediatric Nurse Practitioner.
  • Doctorally prepared.
  • Experience as a university professor.
  • Experience as a patient education specialist.
  • Conducts paediatric research.
  • Writes and reviews for global scientific journals.
  • Engages in philanthropic activities related to wellness.
  • Wife and mother to two children.

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Contact Information

Dr. Deanna Marie Mason

Calle Téllez, 26, 28007 Madrid
T. +34 912 192 862

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