Proactive Parenting In-office Services

In-office services will provide you targeted assessment and advice on a specific topic:

  • A tailored assessment of the parental concern.
  • A single, one-hour session.
  • An action plan to correct or improve your parental concern.

In what areas may I assist you?

Baby care


Let me help you learn how to protect your baby’s safety and well-being during these important first three weeks of life. You will learn what to watch for and how to respond.

Discipline and limit setting

and limit setting

Let me help you learn how to select limits for children, based on their age and ability, and organize discipline to support those limits. Additionally, you will learn how to use limits and discipline to instill your family’s values.



Let me help you learn age specific strategies, customized to the needs of your family, to address sleep issues in infants, children and adolescents.

Breastfeeding  support


Let me help you learn proper technique to make breastfeeding less painful and more enjoyable. You will learn how to maintain your milk supply, improve latch-on, organize feeding schedules and recognize important signs to ensure your baby is receiving adequate nutrition.

Sibling interaction


Let me help you learn techniques to support positive relationships between all family members to improve sibling interaction and promote positive family dynamics. You will learn how proactive parenting techniques can greatly reduce jealousy and resentment.



Let me help you learn researched-based, clinically proven methods to support healthy eating habits and behaviors for infants, children and adolescents.

Self-soothing for infants and children

Self-soothing for
infants and children

Let me help you understand your child’s development and how to adjust your parenting style to support your child’s emotional development as well as understand how all areas of development affect their ability to control their emotions.

Anticipatory guidance


Let me help you learn what your child is able to do as well as what he or she will be doing in the upcoming stages of development. You will learn parenting techniques to prevent or limit the most common behavioral issues while supporting healthy child development.

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During your office visit, you will receive personalized advice to develop objectives that meet your family’s needs and create an action plan that will help you resolve different issues affecting your children’s and adolescents’ health and wellbeing.

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In-office services provide targeted assessment and advice on the topics offered on this page.

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Dr. Deanna Marie Mason

Calle Téllez, 26, 28007 Madrid
T. +34 912 192 862

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