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Bespoke Services are appropriate for families that are looking for high-quality individualized attention that is customized to the unique needs of their particular family.



Does your baby have daytime and nighttime mixed up? Is your toddler difficult to get down? Is your teen impossible to get up in the morning? Age specific strategies, customized to family needs, to address sleep issues in infants, children and adolescents.

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Time required

2-3 weeks

Expected results

Healthy sleeping behaviors to maximize growth and development.


1,200 EUR

Discipline and limit setting
Breastfeeding support
Infant massage
Baby care
Self-soothing for infants and children
Sibling interaction
Anticipatory guidance

Standard Services are ready-made courses and materials that provide the same high-quality information as Bespoke Services packaged in a standardized format that is ready for immediate use.

Complementary Services also contain high-quality information focused on distinct topics to help families pinpoint areas where Proactive Parenting can be applied.


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