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Is fruit juice really healthy for my kids?


Are you surprised to hear that the juice you make for your children's snack can lead to obesity and tooth decay, although is 100% fruit? There is scientific evidence that explains why this happens. What is the difference between this and eating a whole piece of fruit? What alternatives do we have to give fruit to our children?

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Why fathers are important during the first year of life


Do you know the importance of a father’s role during the infancy and what benefits can provide for you and your family?

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Preemies may be just as ready for school as their peers


Parents of babies born prematurely (prior to 40 weeks gestation) often worry how their child will develop later on. One particularly common concern is about school readiness. Many parents with premature babies worry that their child will be behind their classmates who were born at full-term (40 weeks gestation).

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Every word you say builds your child’s brain: The importance of talking to your baby during the first years of life


Talking with your baby or small child is a powerful tool parents can use to stimulate brain development and help them be ready for school entrance. Learn more about how and when to add this  technique to your daily routine.

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