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What is Proactive Parenting?


Proactive Parenting involves preventing or limiting certain behavioral issues while teaching values to raise healthy and happy children. What type of behavioral issues can be prevented or limited? Issues related to bedtime, mealtime, respect, honesty, taking care of personal items, completing chores, doing homework, just to name a few.

This is accomplished by an integrated approach focused on three main pillars – flexible parenting techniques, limit setting and discipline, and feeling confident and in control as a parent. These three pillars, when used together, allow parents to anticipate what a child needs and to guide them during specific periods of development to help them grow and mature in a way that is appropriate for the family.

Flexible parenting techniques refer to what parenting techniques a family chooses. The techniques themselves aren’t flexible, but the selection of techniques is. Today’s modern families may have a mom and dad, two moms, two dads, a single dad, a single mom, a dad with his children from a previous relationship and a mom with children from her previous relationship, and countless other configurations. It would be impossible to set out a list of parenting techniques that would be appropriate and reflect this infinite diversity. Therefore, Proactive Parenting gives parents a menu of parenting techniques and allows them the flexibility to choose what is best for their family.

The key to success is to adapt limits and discipline to the individual developmental level of each child

Limit setting and discipline is the core of Proactive Parenting. The key to success is to adapt the limits and discipline to the unique developmental level of each child. Limit setting gives children a safe space in which to maximize their developmental skills while maintaining their safety on all levels (e.g. physical, emotional, social, sexual, etc.). Children without limits will push until they find them and often times the limits that they find have a negative effect on their health and well-being. Therefore, parents can set appropriate limits to help their children grow and mature safely.

Discipline is a natural twin to limit setting. Discipline is used to maintain the limits parents set and clearly communicate that a child has not respected the set limits. Consequences are what parents apply to children who do not meet the expected limits as a means to motivate them to stay within the limits. Overtime, this helps children learn self-control to keep themselves safe and within their limits independently.

Finally, feeling confidant and in control is important for parents to put in the work that is needed to be a proactive parent. Proactive Parenting is not a magic pill. Instead it is a long-term process that helps parents guide their children towards the behaviors and values that are most important to the family. Proactive Parenting requires a small investment of time every day to see success. The key is to choose flexible parenting techniques and limits and discipline that are maintainable with the family’s schedule and lifestyle. Nothing drastic is needed in Proactive Parenting, rather a slow and steady approach is best. This slow and steady approach is only possible if parents feel confident and in control that what they are doing is good for the whole family and will yield the desired results.

Proactive Parenting helps parents guide their children’s behaviour and values so they grow up happy and healthy

Proactive Parenting is the result of an active and purposeful search to find the best information, of the highest quality and standards, to help parents feel confident and in control as they raise their children. Proactive Parenting is not my personal opinion about how to parent correctly or a recap of my personal experience raising my own children. Instead, Proactive Parenting is a synthesis and culmination of extensive education in pediatric health and development, conducting scientific studies regarding child development, disseminating my research at scientific conferences to share and exchange ideas with other pediatric specialists, and professional interaction with a wide variety of modern families and the issues that are most pertinent to their lives.

This theory continues to develop, as theories do, as new research emerges and new knowledge in incorporated into the body of science. Specifically, Proactive Parenting is informed by:

  • A wide variety of developmental theories grounding the techniques,
  • Scientific investigations and advancements that have been incorporated to add usefulness and applicability,
  • International (e.g. World Health Organization, European Paediatric Association) and National (e.g. American Academy of Pediatrics, National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners) organizations whose best practices have been consulted to ensure that these techniques are aligned with the recommendations of the world’s pediatric leaders,
  • Formal university education as a pediatric specialist and doctoral prepared nurse, and
  • My experience working with families for more than 20 years.

As a parenting method, Proactive Parenting brings together everything you need to raise happy and healthy children. Raising well-behaved children is not an issue of being lucky or not. Rather, it is about knowing what parenting techniques are available, how to adapt them to the unique development of each child, understanding how to set limits and apply discipline in a coherent manner, and seeing the task of parenting as a long, slow, and steady activity to yield the best results.

I invite you to explore more about Proactive Parenting from my website ( where you can learn more about each of the three pillars from my blog posts. You can also purchase my latest book: How to bring up teenagers with values, or purchase an online course. Of course, if you can’t find what you are looking for, please feel free to contact me at . I sincerely hope that you find information about Proactive Parenting something useful and beneficial for your family.


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