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Is Proactive Parenting the right parenting method for you and your family?


Some parents were raised in wonderfully supportive families that provided modeling of positive, healthy parenting behaviors. These lucky parents have lots of personal examples to use with their own children. However, I have seen many more parents struggle with the work of being a parent. This happens for a variety of reasons. A few big reasons include:

  • Some parents were raised in homes that were unkind, unforgiving, or un-nurturing
  • Some parent were raised in homes with addiction (alcohol, drugs, gambling, etc.)
  • Some parents were raised in homes with abuse (physical, emotional, sexual, etc.)
  • Some parents were neglected as children
  • Some parents did not have any stable adults in their lives to model healthy relationships
  • Some parents grew up with parents who were struggling with their own issues or illnesses (e.g. grief, depression, anxiety)

Proactive Parenting is a parenting method meant to provide a holistic approach to parenting. It is a mini-course on child development, best parenting practices, and a mentor guiding you how to do your best. It does not matter if your family of origin was a loving family or a less-than-loving family. Everything you need to know to raise happy and healthy children is covered with Proactive Parenting.

Proactive Parenting involves preventing or limiting certain behavioral issues while teaching values to raise healthy and happy children. This is accomplished through an integrated approach focused on three main pillars – flexible parenting techniques, limit setting and discipline, and feeling confident and in control as a parent. When used together, these three pillars allow parents to anticipate what their child will need based on their age and development. Then, the method continues to provide research-based tools and direction to help parents guide their child during each step of development. These actions support parents in directing how their children grow and mature while allowing their children to maximize their natural potential and development. To learn more about the innovative Proactive Parenting method, please see my blog post titled, What is Proactive Parenting?

The parenting method of Proactive Parenting is grounded in numerous child development theories. This deep knowledge base informs both the flexible parenting techniques and provides guidance on limit setting and discipline so that they are focused, appropriate, and reap results. The main theories that support this method are holistic and include:

  • Albert Bandura’s Social Learning Theory
  • Herbert Blumer’s Symbolic Interactionism
  • John Bowlby’s Attachment Theory
  • Erik Erikson’s Psychosocial Developmental Theory
  • Sigmund Freud’s Psychosexual Developmental Theory
  • Lawrence Kohlberg’s Moral Development Theory
  • Jean Piaget’s Cognitive Developmental Theory
  • Burrhus Frederic Skinner’s Behavioral Conditioning Theory
  • John Broadus Watson’s Behavioral Child Development Theory
  • Lev Vygotsky’s Sociocultural Theory

Beyond the developmental grounding, Proactive Parenting also includes the latest scientific research and recommendations regarding child and adolescent health and well-being. Scientific investigations and advancements are constantly monitored to assure the flexible parenting techniques are useful and applicable to today’s modern family. Additionally, international and national pediatric organizations’ best practices are consulted to ensure that the Proactive Parenting method is aligned with the recommendations of the world’s pediatric leaders.

Woven seamlessly together, the Proactive Parenting method addresses child development, family relationships through parent-child interaction, and common health and well-being concerns of today’s modern family. This will give any family the tools and support to anticipate and prevent the most common behavioral issues to raise happy and healthy children while teaching values.

Parents who come from wonderful families will find the Proactive Parenting information helpful and timely, especially related to current pediatric research on health and well-being. Parents who come from less than perfect families will find solid, science-based information to help transform their parenting skills and break old cycles.

Please visit my webpage ( to find tools, advice, approaches, and knowledge that can help you shape the future of your family in a positive and healthy way. Proactive Parenting allows you to the flexibility to choose what is best for your family. Don’t leave parenting up to chance. Choose to be a proactive parent.


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