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Oh no! My child has head lice


Every school year millions of parents all around the world are horror struck when their child comes home from school with an itchy scalp caused by head lice. There are myths about head lice and what is says about a child or his or her family. This post is meant to help parents understand this common childhood experience to manage better both the stigma and the treatment.

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Every word you say builds your child’s brain: The importance of talking to your baby during the first years of life


Talking with your baby or small child is a powerful tool parents can use to stimulate brain development and help them be ready for school entrance. Learn more about how and when to add this  technique to your daily routine.

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How to really get your baby to sleep through the night: A no nonsense approach

blog proactive parenting how to really baby to sleep through the night

Two major concerns of new parents are 1) when will the baby sleep through the night, and 2) how to get the baby to sleep through the night. Many families struggle with sleepless nights and frequent infant waking.

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Skip the bells and whistles; traditional toys are best for babies!


A common question among parents is what toys are best for baby. Parents want to protect, care for, and give happiness to their children. The best way to do this is to follow the natural development of the child. By focusing on the tasks that each child must develop to move to the next stage, parents can protect the natural evolution of their baby, care for their unique process of development, and give them toys that support that natural development without creating frustration because it is too advanced or interfering with the process.

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