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Can being a preterm infant affect school performance?

Can being a preterm infant affect school performance?

School can highlight delays that were previously hidden

Late preterm infants normally follow healthy development up to 24 months. This can cause parents and health care providers tfeel that everything has turned out well and lower their vigilance. However, keeping a close eye on developmental delays is warranted intpreschool and kindergarten.

Some delays may be resolved during the first 2 years of life as the child physically grows and develops, but issues with language and reasoning become more apparent as the child’s vocabulary increases and he or she is placed in context with other children of the same age in the school setting. School demands higher use of language skills tlisten, understand and follow directions. Additionally, school subjects of reading and math are introduced in a formalized, structured manner that can highlight delays that were previously hidden.

Children born late preterm may have lower school readiness, spatial abilities, verbal reasoning, educational achievement, and poorer school performance than their peers that were born after 37 weeks of gestation. Late preterm children may display normal development socially, emotionally, and physically while having delays in reading and math at school entrance.

Researchers think this may be linked tstructural differences in the brains of children whhave been born late preterm. Therefore, it is important that health care professionals, parents, and school personnel are aware of this potential delay and work diligently and effectively tminimize it.

Knowing the risks allows parents be proactive

The good news is that knowing there is a delay allows parents taddress and resolve it. Not knowing a child has a delay, or making excuses tcover it, makes it impossible tcorrect or minimize the delay. Also, knowing that a delay in reading or math is a possibility for late preterm infants makes prevention easier timplement.

Parents can help their late preterm children optimize their development by:

Promoting early literacy and numeracy.

  • Read books early and daily.
  • Practice the alphabet and counting regularly.
  • Encourage vocabulary growth.
  • Have conversations about books.
  • Practice naming letters and numbers by sight.
  • Practice writing both letters and numbers.

If delays are identified at school entrance

  • Seek assessment from a psychoeducational specialist.
  • Seek developmental testing.
  • Request customized education plans thelp the child maximize his or her abilities.

By being aware that developmental delays can present at school entrance, parents can be proactive in caring for their child.

All children are a gift and each comes with his or her own specialness. As parents, we must embrace the child we have, dour best work helping that child be his or her best, and understand there is ncomparisons between children. A child with a reading or math delay, or any other issue, is still a complete and whole child, perfect just the way they are. Our job is thelp our child maximize all his or her skills tbe healthy and happy (Remember: healthy and happy are states of being, not destinations).

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Tuesday, 19 November 2019

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