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The importance of avoiding spanking as a child discipline method


Following the work of many previous studies, new research continues to confirm the harmful relationship between physically disciplining children (e.g. spanking or hitting) and the link with mental health issues, suicide, and substance use in adulthood.

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The risks of being overweight or obese as a child


Parents of overweight children may see this problem only as an aesthetic issue that can negatively affect children’s self-esteem and social interactions, which is true. However, there are more pressing dangers of being overweight or obese during childhood and adolescence.

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Dear Santa Claus: Guidelines on how to choose the best toys this Christmas

blog proactive parenting to choose best toys christmas

We are nearing that special time of the year when children all around the world begin writing letters to Santa Claus with their Christmas wishes. It is also the time of year when parents begin to feel uncertain about which toys are appropriate for their children.

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What is the best age to talk to our children about birth control?


Lots of parents wonder when it is appropriate to talk to their children about sex and birth control. Yet more important than talking about birth control at a certain age, parents can help their children avoid unintentional pregnancy by discussing the dignity of the human body beginning in early childhood.

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