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Is fruit juice really healthy for my kids?


Are you surprised to hear that the juice you make for your children's snack can lead to obesity and tooth decay, although is 100% fruit? There is scientific evidence that explains why this happens. What is the difference between this and eating a whole piece of fruit? What alternatives do we have to give fruit to our children?

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Cyberbullying 101: A parent’s guide


Cyberbullying has become a major danger for youth and continues to be more and more common. What is the profile of the aggressor? What are the consequences for the victim? And what can we do as parents?

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Why is teen pregnancy still happening? What parents need to know (Part I)


Teenage pregnancy still happens with more frequency than parents may realize. Although effective forms of birth control exist, there are developmental reasons that teens do not use them or fail to use them properly.

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The risks of being overweight or obese as a child


Parents of overweight children may see this problem only as an aesthetic issue that can negatively affect children’s self-esteem and social interactions, which is true. However, there are more pressing dangers of being overweight or obese during childhood and adolescence.

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