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Being a calm parent helps children learn to stay calm too


Being a parent can test one’s patience. The stress of daily life and the needs of our children can be overwhelming at times, but if we let stress to drive our emotions, our children can suffer the long-term consequences.

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Tips to stay calm when everything seems to be going out of control


Being a parent can be tremendously stressful and, ultimately, anxiety can overtake us. Do you want to learn how to manage stress and anxiety effectively?

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Is fruit juice really healthy for my kids?


Are you surprised to hear that the juice you make for your children's snack can lead to obesity and tooth decay, although is 100% fruit? There is scientific evidence that explains why this happens. What is the difference between this and eating a whole piece of fruit? What alternatives do we have to give fruit to our children?

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Ouch! Helpful hints to manage summer’s insect bites


As the days grow long and warm, our families begin enjoying all the beauty of nature. Summer is a time full of outdoor activities such as picnics, ball games, play dates at the park, and long walks. Yet, as with all good things, bug bites and allergies may interrupt the fun. Do you know what to do to prevent and manage them?

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