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Why is teen pregnancy still happening? What parents need to know (Part I)


Teenage pregnancy still happens with more frequency than parents may realize. Although effective forms of birth control exist, there are developmental reasons that teens do not use them or fail to use them properly.

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Oh no! My child has head lice


Every school year millions of parents all around the world are horror struck when their child comes home from school with an itchy scalp caused by head lice. There are myths about head lice and what is says about a child or his or her family. This post is meant to help parents understand this common childhood experience to manage better both the stigma and the treatment.

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The importance of avoiding spanking as a child discipline method


Following the work of many previous studies, new research continues to confirm the harmful relationship between physically disciplining children (e.g. spanking or hitting) and the link with mental health issues, suicide, and substance use in adulthood.

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Preemies may be just as ready for school as their peers


Parents of babies born prematurely (prior to 40 weeks gestation) often worry how their child will develop later on. One particularly common concern is about school readiness. Many parents with premature babies worry that their child will be behind their classmates who were born at full-term (40 weeks gestation).

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