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When can my child return to school? Part One – Prevention & Okay-to-Go

blog proactive parenting child return to scholl

Parents often wonder when a child can return to school after being sick. Many parents find themselves in difficult positions trying to decide if their child is healthy enough to go to school or ill enough to stay at home. The balance is between helping the child get well as quickly as possible while avoiding spreading the illness to others.

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Are nutritional supplements safe for kids?

blog proactive parenting nutritional supplements for kids

Sales of nutritional supplements continue to rise and many families include nutritional supplements in their dietary routines. However, there is a lack of research regarding the recommended dosages, the recommended needs, and toxicity levels of nutritional supplementation for children. Therefore, are nutritional supplements safe for kids?

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What is the best age to talk to our children about birth control?


Lots of parents wonder when it is appropriate to talk to their children about sex and birth control. Yet more important than talking about birth control at a certain age, parents can help their children avoid unintentional pregnancy by discussing the dignity of the human body beginning in early childhood.

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Vaccines are safe and the MMR vaccine is not related to autism


ALL rigorous scientific studies confirm (and reconfirm) that vaccines are safe and effective, and that the MMR vaccine is not related to autism. For the safety of everyone, it is important to vaccinate unless medically contraindicated.

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Social media – the good, the bad and the ugly: A parent’s guide Part III

proactive parenting social media parents guide

Part I covered what social media is, Part II covered the benefits and drawbacks and in Part III, helpful information for parents will be presented about specific apps to help children and teens safely navigate social media.

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