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Every word you say builds your child’s brain: The importance of talking to your baby during the first years of life


Talking with your baby or small child is a powerful tool parents can use to stimulate brain development and help them be ready for school entrance. Learn more about how and when to add this  technique to your daily routine.

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The risks of being overweight or obese as a child


Parents of overweight children may see this problem only as an aesthetic issue that can negatively affect children’s self-esteem and social interactions, which is true. However, there are more pressing dangers of being overweight or obese during childhood and adolescence.

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New recommendations for babies, children and teens: How much screen time is safe for kids?


New recommendations for screen time have been developed for every age group to reflect how prevalent digital media is in everyone’s life. Everything you need to know to help you guide your family’s appropriate use of technology, while minimising the risks, is presented.

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How to really get your baby to sleep through the night: A no nonsense approach

blog proactive parenting how to really baby to sleep through the night

Two major concerns of new parents are 1) when will the baby sleep through the night, and 2) how to get the baby to sleep through the night. Many families struggle with sleepless nights and frequent infant waking.

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