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Proactive parenting involves anticipating and correcting behavioral issues before they happen.

Find the resources and advice you need, based on current research and best practices, to feel confident and in control caring for your family.

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Hi, I’m Dr. Deanna Marie Mason. In addition to being an expert in child growth and development, I’m also a mother.

Proactive parenting involves preventing or limiting behavioral issues while teaching morals and values to raise happy and healthy children. Adopting these strategies will help you make the best decisions for your family.

As a teacher and child health expert, my mission is to give you the best tools and support to anticipate and prevent the most common behavioral issues. By applying Proactive Parenting techniques, you can feel confident and in control as a parent.

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Babies don’t come with instructions, but have no fear! This course will prepare you with all the essential skills you need to safely and confidently care for your newborn baby during his or her first weeks of life.

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Explore my blog to find clear and concise information to help guide you and your family.  You can learn about Flexible Parenting Techniques, how to successfully implement Discipline and Limit Setting with your children, and new techniques to Feel Confident and In Control as a parent in a modern family.

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